Environmental Claims Management Services

Decisions involving environmental claims can have significant impacts on your business. Expert knowledge of current environmental practices is needed so funds are not wasted on inefficient or unnecessary activities. Proper management of environmental exposures is crucial in controlling costs associated with these liabilities. Our professional claims management team can save you time and money allowing you to focus on your core business. Contact us to assist you with all your environmental claim management needs.

Our effective management activities include adequate budget preparation and tracking, productive liaison with regulatory agencies; proper cost controls monitoring, innovative approaches to addressing environmental exposures and thorough analysis and review of technical work. R&A Risk Professionals (R&A) has significant experience and expertise in the field as outlined by the following:

  • R&A's staff has investigated, evaluated and resolved environmental cases in 46 states and Canada. This experience includes addressing significant bodily injury, property damage and corrective action claims. The staff has background in establishing and administering effective cost control measures in dealing with expenses relating to assessment and remediation of environmental damages.
  • R&A has considerable experience in a large number of diverse cases. For private clients, state agencies and insurance industry clients, R&A has handled and or managed over 8,000 cases relating to environmental contamination.
  • R&A has been involved with innovative resolutions to environmental claims including pay for performance contracting, the introduction and management of community remediation projects where numbers of affected sites are grouped together and addressed under single contracts and the use of alternative dispute resolution vehicles to settle claims. They have participated with US EPA trainers in training sessions in conjunction with state UST regulatory agencies.
  • R&A has prepared cost guidelines and expense ranges for various environmental services to insure cost effectiveness is achieved in the cases they oversee and manage.
  • R&A are experienced in conducting environmental field investigations to gather relevant issues in environmental cases. This allows them to assist the client in evaluating exposures and providing guidance in the implementation of assessment or remedial activities. The staff includes investigators who are 40-hour OSHA certified to perform hazardous site investigations as well as a Registered Environmental Manager.
  • R&A's staff has worked with the environmental consulting industry extensively which has provided them with unique insight relating to cost control issues in environmental cases. Background in the issuance of Requests for Proposals (RFPs), environmental contracting procedures and the development and administration of a pre-budget approval processes in handling environmental cases all provide R&A with the necessary tools to maximize cost efficiency for their clients.
  • R&A's staff has developed and documented proven procedures specifically designed to establish and assure consistent and cost effective solutions to environmental claims and liabilities.

No project is too big or too small. Contact us today to assist with your claims.